Corriedale Wool Roving Destash - Natural Color - 6 ounces

$7.50 USD

Quantity Available:     6

This is an undyed roving in a 50/50 blend of natural brown and white wool. This is a soft, medium grade Corriedale that should be especially good for felting.

Corriedale is a sheep breed that was developed during the industrial revolution for the sweater trade. They needed a fiber that was a little longer than Merino for the machines, so they crossed Merino with the long-haired Lincoln to produce a new breed: Corriedale. Today, Corriedale can be quite varied, as Merino is crossed back into the breed to soften it..

We have prepackaged these rovings in 6 ounce bags, but larger quantities are available. Convo us to request a custom amount.

Fiber: Corriedale wool
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 6 oz, 170 g