Handspun yarn - Silk / Falkland wool, fine sport weight, 360 yards - Practical Matter

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This handspun yarn is shades of red and green.

This listing is for one 2-ply skein, weighing 3.9 oz., spun at an average of 1475 ypp (yards per pound), a fine sport weight. These 360 yards wrap at approximately 15-18. The fiber is sourced from World of Wool and hand dyed in the wool here at Edgewood Garden Studio.

This is our own custom blend of 70% Falkland wool and 30% tussah silk, run through the blenders five times for the best possible integration. This Falkland is soft and strong, with a 28 micron diameter and 3-4 inch staple length.

Falkland is not a specific breed, but rather is grown to a specification and blended. There are Corriedale, Polwarth, Dohne Merino and other breeds on the islands. Since there are no sheep diseases on the islands, the animals are never dipped so there are not any organo-phosphate or pyrothroid sheep dip residues on the wool.

My skeins are wound on a full 2-yard niddy-noddy. If you don’t have a large swift, let me know. Spun in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

Fiber: 30% silk / 70% BFL wool
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 3.9 oz., 112 g
Length: Approx. 360 yards, 329 m
YPP: Approx. 1475
WPI: Approx. 15-18
Ply: 2 ply