Extrafine Merino Wool / Trilobal Nylon 70/30% Roving Spinning Fiber - 5 ounces

$11.25 USD

Quantity Available:     20

This is an extra-fine grade of Merino wool, blended with trilobal nylon to create a shimmering effect. The Merino is mill-dyed a uniform brown, but the sparkle of the rainbow-dyed nylon gives it an eye-catching iridescence. The softness of the Merino and the durability of the nylon makes this blend suitable for a wide variety of uses, including next-to-the-skin items. The higher density of the nylon will makes will make your yarns heavier than comparable 100% wool yarn.

Although the picture shows a braid, we are selling this unbraided.

We have prepackaged these rovings in 5 ounce bags, but larger quantities are available. Email us to request a custom quantity.

Fiber: 70% Merino wool / 30% trilobal nylon
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 5 oz., 142 g