Gotland Wool Roving Destash - Natural Gray - 6 ounces

$7.50 USD

Quantity Available:     6

This is an undyed roving in a natural gray color. The Gotland has a silky hand and will spin a strong, lustrous and smooth yarn, but can turn wiry if overspun. Gotland wool is also especially good for felting.

This will be good for outer garments, and is perfect for your magical elven cloak or your Viking warrior cape, but will not be next-to-the-skin soft for sensitive people.

Gotland are a primitive variety of sheep, originating on the Swedish island of the same name. Viking adventurers brought back Karakul sheep from Russia, and crossed them with the local landrace sheep to produce the Gotland. Lambs are born with black fleece, and turn gray as they mature. They have a long, dense staple, around 29-34 microns in diameter.

We have prepackaged these rovings in 6 ounce bags, but larger quantities are available. Email us to request a custom amount.

Fiber: Gotland wool
Source: Ashland Bay
Weight: 6 oz, 170 g