Gray Masham Wool Roving - Happy Occasion - 4.5 ounces

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This is a hand painted roving, or more properly combed top, for spinning and felting.

This roving is shades of red, pink, purple, orange and gold.

This Masham (also spelled Massam)  is surprisingly soft (for an 30+ micron count). The long 6" staple makes it very easy to spin and it has an interesting airiness and lovely hand. This fiber comes to us as a pretty grey color, which is remarkably beautiful when it is dyed. The breed is a cross between a Teeswater ram and Dalesbred or Swaledale ewe.

My rovings are dyed with fairly even distribution of colors. Photos are of each side of the coil, so you can see as much of the color as possible. These are the same rovings from which I spin my yarns, so I dye them for that.

Fiber: Gray Masham wool
Source: Ashland Bay
Weight: 4.5 ounces, 125 g