Handspun Corriedale wool yarn, Fine Sport weight, 570 yards - Natural White

$57.00 USD

This is a naturally colored white wool yarn.

This listing is for one skein with a weight of 6.2 oz., spun at an average of 1470 ypp (yards per pound). It wraps at about 15-18, and is approximately 570 yards.

Corriedale is a sheep breed that was developed during the industrial revolution for the sweater trade. They needed a fiber that was a little longer than Merino for the machines, so they crossed Merino with the long-haired Lincoln to produce a new breed: Corriedale. Today, Corriedale can be quite varied, as Merino is crossed back into the breed to soften it.

My skeins are wound on a full 2-yard niddy-noddy. If you don’t have a large swift, let me know. Spun in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

Fiber: Corriedale Cross wool
Weight: 6.2 oz., 174 g
Length: Approx. 570 yards, 521 m
YPP: Approx. 1470
WPI: Approx. 15-18
Ply: 2 ply