Handspun Shetland wool yarn, Worsted weight, 330 yards - Light & Dark Shetland

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This yarn is spun from two colors of Shetland sheep. Shetland are known to have a wide variety of colors in their genetics. There is a whole vocabulary for the various shades of brown, black and grey and pattern markings that can occur in the animals. The colors have quaint names such as: emsket, mioget, moorit, musket, shaela, sukket, yglet, smirslet, krunet, snaelit, golmoget, etc. Similar names for colored sheep are found in the Icelandic language, so one can surmise that these names go back a very long way in time. This yarn is one strand of dark espresso brown plied with a strand of warm gray.

This listing is for one 2-ply skein, weighing 4.0 oz., spun at an average of 940 ypp (yards per pound), a worsted weight. These 235 yards wrap at approximately 8 to 12. This natural Shetland is sourced from Ashland Bay. 

This yarn is light and lofty, a bit thick and thin and though quite soft, might be a bit too coarse for very sensitive individuals to wear next to the skin.

Shetland are small, hardy sheep likely descended from Scottish Dunface. Their wool is extremely variable, able to make sturdy yarns for sweater or select wool (from the neck) is spun into the cobweb and lace yarns for knitted shawls that can be drawn through a wedding band! This is yet another variety of Shetland -- this one is certified wool from the Shetland Islands, from a group of 700 individual crofters who pool their fleeces together for milling.

My skeins are wound on a full 2-yard niddy-noddy. If you don’t have a large swift, let me know. Spun in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home.

Fiber: Shetland wool
Weight: 4.0 oz., 112 g
Length: Approx. 235 yds, 215 m
YPP: Approx. 940
WPI: Approx. 8-12
Ply: 2 ply