Merino Wool Roving, 21.5 micron - Parade Day 1 - 4.0 ounces

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This roving is in shades of yellow, orange, red, green and blue.

This is a hand dyed wool roving, or more properly combed top, for spinning and felting.

Merino is the standard by which the fineness of wool is graded and is among the softest fleeces in the world. It’s an old breed, originally brought to the Iberian peninsula in the 12th or 13th century. Being small bodied, it is grown mostly for its exquisite wool. The staple is crimpy and shorter than some other popular breeds, but makes up for that in its legendary softness. 

This fiber a melange of white Merino with brown and tan highlights, which we have overdyed. The underlying variegation shows through, creating additional visual interest. This 21.5 micron diameter Merino is a soft, mid-grade wool.

We name our braids based on the inspirations we get from the colors, drawing on nature, literature, mythology, geography, and our lives and travels.  Braids with the same name numbered sequentially are a matched set that were dyed together, although they may have different weights and look slightly different in the photos.

Our braids are dyed with fairly even distribution of colors. Photos are of each side of the coil, so you can see as much of the color as possible. These are the same braids from which I spin my yarns, so I dye them for that.

Fiber: 21.5 micron Merino wool
Source: Ashland Bay
Weight: 4.0 ounces, 113 g