Oatmeal BFL Wool Roving - The King's Son 1 - 4.0 ounces

$14.00 USD

This roving is shades of gold, orange and red.

This is a hand dyed roving, or more properly combed top, for hand spinning and felting.

Blue Faced Leicester or BFL is a “multipurpose” sheep breed dating back from the early 1900’s which produce “litters” of three or four lambs with long loins. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Fortunately, they also have a beautiful soft, long wool that is especially easy to spin, so they are raised to maturity for their lustrous fleeces. This wool comes in a natural oatmeal color, which we have overdyed. The fiber is 26 micron diameter and 3.5" staple length.

Our braids are dyed with fairly even distribution of colors. Photos are of each side of the coil, so you can see as much of the color as possible. These are the same braids from which I spin my yarns, so I dye them for that.

Fiber: Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 4.0 ounces, 113 g