Silk / Falkland 30/70% Wool Roving - Happy Shouts - 4.3 ounces

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This is a hand painted roving for hand spinning and felting.

This roving, or more properly combed top, is in shades of yellow, green, blue and purple.

This is our own custom blend of 70% Falkland wool and 30% tussah silk, run through the blenders five times for the best possible integration. This Falkland is soft and strong, with a 28 micron diameter and 3-4 inch staple length. 

Falkland is not a specific breed, but rather is grown to a specification and blended. There are Corriedale, Polwarth, Dohne Merino and other breeds on the islands. Since there are no sheep diseases on the islands, the animals are never dipped so there are not any organo-phosphate or pyrothroid sheep dip residues on the wool.

The tussah silk is a wild product, and will tend to have more variability in texture and sheen than cultivated silk.

Our braids are dyed with fairly even distribution of colors. Photos are of each side of the coil, so you can see as much of the color as possible. These are the same braids from which I spin my yarns, so I dye them for that.

Fiber: 30% tussah silk / 70% Falkland wool
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 4.3 ounces, 122 g