Stricken Lonk Wool Roving - Point of Origin 2 - 3.9 ounces

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This is a hand painted roving, or more properly combed wool top, for hand spinning and felting.

This braid is shades of blue, purple and pink.

The sheep known by the evocative Anglo-Saxon name of Lonk are native to the Pennine Hills of England. It is an old breed, with possible references back to the 12th century, and one existing flock having full records back to 1740. The local monks are said to have made their habits from this wool. The sheep are a tough and hardy hill breed, currently considered as "at risk" by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. They are large for a hill breed, with mottled black and white faces and large curly horns. The fiber diameter is around 32-33 microns, and the staple length 4-6 inches.

Stricken refers to a light striation of brown and black fibers (not kemp fibers) running through the white base, creating subtle variations in color.

We name our braids based on the inspirations we get from the colors, drawing on nature, literature, mythology, geography, and our lives and travels. Braids with the same name numbered sequentially are a matched set that were dyed together, although they may have different weights and look slightly different in the photos. Each colorway is unique; we may sometimes repeat names, when a new colorway strikes us the same way as an older one.

My rovings are dyed with fairly even distribution of colors. Photos are of each side of the coil, so you can see as much of the color as possible. These are the same rovings from which I spin my yarns, so I dye them for that.

Fiber: Stricken Lonk wool
Source: World of Wool
Weight: 3.9 ounces, 111 g