Welcome to the new Edgewood Garden Studio Posted on 29 Apr 10:29 , 0 comments

It’s spring here in Seattle. With the unusually mild winter, early warmth, and lighter than usual precipitation, the spring flowers have been earlier than I have ever seen and have appeared in multitudes. Plants that have never bloomed together are competing with each other in their glory. Spring, what better time to think about initiating a new venture? And here it is. After nearly four years at Etsy, it’s time to spring forward, spring into action, springboard into a new shop of our own. Mike and I have talked about having our own shop for the past year or two. Finally, those musings are becoming a reality and we are launching our own Edgewood Garden Studio website.

There are a number of reasons for making this move. One is that Etsy can be a difficult site for sellers with constant changes in listing tools, user interfaces, policies, search algorithms, and a passion for testing on live shops. Additionally, there are extra costs to selling our items on Etsy. As you all know, we try to keep our prices reasonable….and, we expect, that this move will allow us to continue to do that, especially with some of the more expensive fibers.

Another fun thing is that we have the ability to make sub-categories, so you will be able to search for Nordic fibers, silk blends, luxury fibers, long wools, etc. after you have selected rovings from the menu. I hope this makes it easier to shop.

So, here we are with a new shop, a new logo, a new font, new labels, and even some new (to us) fibers and blends and even (are you ready for this?) MULTIPLES so you can buy up to 12 ounces of the same color on the same base fiber! A first for me! I hope that you find it easier to explore and sort products. We appreciate suggestions, as well---of course, there are some technical concerns, but we shall attempt to improve the site as we have some experience under our belts.

Lastly, I shall attempt to codify some of the information about spinning, weaving, and fibers that are scattered around in email, Etsy convos, Ravelry posts and personal emails. I hope that I can put together a useful (and fun) blog. I’ll start working on that this summer. So, watch for my postings!